You're Not In The Business Of Ignoring Your Purpose.


You know what you are meant to do, now it's time for the rest of the world to.

Website And Word Wizardry For Every Entrepreneur Who Has The Guts To Give It A Go, Despite Being Scared Out Of Their Ever-Loving Mind.

Normal has never been your default setting.
You know the devil bathes himself in the mother lovin' details.
Your business is not just about profit vs loss- it's who you are.

Your Website And Copy Are No Different

You Wish You Would’ve Found You All Those Years Ago.

It’s time to help the you’s find you.  

Good News... People like people who are like them.
There are a lot of people who do what you do, but YOU do IT differently.  You know the the immense potential of your work, but few people are getting the memo. Your people are looking for you, but they need to recognize you when they see you.  Enter Gingermint the copy and website design agency that lets your people see themselves in you.  Here your copy and website are both created to tap the heart, ease the mind and fill the pig.

Being you has never paid off so well.

Let your website absorb the anxiety and do the talking for you.



Meet Me

Well, Hi.  Here's a little diddy on how I got here...

My undergraduate degree is in Communications and Creative Writing.  That was over a decade ago, so I don't even know if that's a legitimate point, but bare with me as I fluff my feathers.

My First Job out of college was in Copy Writing/ Marketing.  I associated marketing with a greasy haired, pleated suit wearing, red-convertible-driving-bag-of-dirt.  I decided that I wanted nothing to do with it, so I dropped my marketing cloak and marched straight into the Aveda Institute to pursue my love of the visage.   

Over 5 years ago I birthed my business baby, skinspot, which started as a mini spa focusing solely on one's mug.  In 5 years I went through 8 website designs and 4 re-branding brigades.  I'm all about pretty, but the problem came up when I realized that I enjoyed the re-branding more than the work I was branding. 

"I just want to say THANK YOU! I've been so busy lately sending tons of new people to my website with this total badass confidence I have never felt before and I love it. I wanted to make sure you knew how much I love you for helping me find this. I can't begin to tell you how great it feels to have a "home-base" I feel proud of. You magically took my words and created exactly the platform I have been craving, You are incredible. My new site is taking my coaching game into a new level and I have had new clients and new opportunities line up because of it. I am so grateful. Thank you again and again".
-Jen King with Highly Nourished.
"I wish you could feel how truly grateful I am for all that you've done, Lady Kelli. Sometimes, words can't express the magnitude of trust, appreciation and respect. I knew the moment we "met" during our Meet & Greet, you would be in my life for years to come. And because of you, my business has a home. My career is officially real and I'm finally screaming from the rooftops that I've made it. Today's launch is the official beginning of my next chapter. Today's launch justifies my decision to hire a new business coach to take me to the next level. Without you, all of this wouldn't be happening. Thank you, from every corner of my heart for your patience, creativity, honesty, friendship, your brilliant copyrighting skills, your love and support. This is only the beginning".
-Jessica Gulley-Ward with Juggling Logistics.
"She has found her THING! Kelli has always had a way with words, a creative vibe and a vision for design but her true talent lies in listening to her clients, deciphering what they REALLY want and or actually need and then creating a project that is SPOT on! I hired Kelli to create a website for my yet to be published book and had no doubt that she was the perfect person for my project. Technology stuff scares me and makes me feel stuck. I have been through a few website designs and overhauls which always left me with a little distaste or dissatisfaction due to cost, timeline, not quite nailing the design element or miscommunication. I have to say that none of those issues came up during this web design. Nada! Kelli is a true professional. She got things done according to timeline, communicated clearly and made the whole process seamless and FUN! My site is absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to go show it to the whole wide world! Kelli is a true artist with words and design and I can't wait to work with her again on the next project"!
-Abby Bliss White with Sundays Well Spent.

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